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Custom Accounting Solutions

Custom Accounting Software Solutions

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Custom Accounting Software
   Managing the business of your business

With several custom accounting software systems to choose from TAO Consultants has been installing, training, implementing and supporting accounting systems which fit the business operations needs of small to large companies in a variety of industries In Reno, NV since 1987.

We choose to offer custom database accounting software solutions that are customizable for the client’s specific business operations. TAO Consultants has customized several accounting applications that have created business-specific features and functions outside the standard accounting software packages. By creating custom accounting software solutions, your business will achieve its business management goals your way.

There are times when modifying your business operations is more cost-effective than custom accounting software programming. However, at other times, customization of your accounting software to your business requirements gives your company that competitive industry edge with custom accounting software. We can help you with a cost/benefit analysis that determines the right direction to take.

We offer a variety of custom accounting software products to manage any size of business in any industry. If you want a ballpark estimate, let us give you an initial product quote just to get started. This will an estimate only, excluding taxes, custom programming, installation or training charges.

Custom Database Design

Many businesses have non-accounting business tracking and information management needs. TAO Consultants has helped several businesses with these custom needs and can provide database design, implementation and training for your employees to manage that critical business information to the advantage of your company.

Software Training and Installation

Developing a company’s staff to be proficient and productive is perhaps one of the greatest challenges facing businesses today. The training and support offered by TAO Consultants for the accounting systems installed have helped corporations create an efficient and effective workforce resulting in a competitive presence in their respective industries.

In addition, TAO Consultants offers training on major office application software to further enable your employees to be productive for your company.